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The Things We Say


CDT Howry: "Sir, were you too far south for the Hippie generation?"
LTC Bishop: "Well... there were weed smokers around."

CDT Ogilvie: "Sir, what are the authorized references for the TEE?"
LTC Bishop: " Just the regular M1A1... spell check, dictionary -"
CDT Massey: "LBE?"

"With responsibility comes something that makes you yell."
-CDT Ammons

CDT Estomo: "I'm the Knight, she's the Queen... I take her, that's checkmate!"

CDT Hilgendorf: "Yeah, we used to use free body diagrams when I was in the Army, but we called them..... pictures."

CDT Hilgendorf: "Why don't you have a girlfriend while you're here at West Point?"
CDT Estomo: "Because... I wouldn't be able to play with her."

CDT Greer: (walks in, back from the bathroom and done shaving, 5 minutes prior to leaving for class)
SFC Singh: (leaning against the windowsill) Greer, you need to get rid of these spit bottles.
CDT Greer: All right, Sergeant, I'll get right on that.
SFC Singh: Hasn't the company commander put out guidance about chewing tobacco in the barracks?
CDT Greer: Yes, Sergeant.
SFC Singh: And what did he say?
CDT Greer: Not to do it.
SFC Singh: Greer, what would you think if I cut your balls off and put them on the desk?
CDT Greer: (slightly stunned) I don't think that would feel too good.

"It feels weird, you know, being on the pill."
-CDT Jones, I don't even know....

LTC Bishop: "Pigs."
CDT Ogilvie: "But sir -"
LTC Bishop: "I don't want to hear it."

CDT Mbog-Hob: "Sir, are you a genius?"
CPT Wilson: "No. I'm a captain."

CDT Estomo: "You see, the way of the Lionfist is to avoid confrontation. If you can run, run -"
CDT Carey: "What kind of pussy club is that?"

CDT Estomo: "I am from Manila; however, the Estomo clan is from the island of (best English translation): Hunglow Butthole."

"CDT Reed, if you let anyone see this before they're supposed to I'll kill you with a spoon.  You know why?  Because it's slow and painful... And then I'll have CDT Estomo kill your entire family - he personally told me that he hates them."
-CPT Manus (my company Tactical Officer), putting me in my place

Me: "Wow Estomo, you were ready early for dinner tonight."
Estomo: "Better late than never."

"I love this movie."
-CDT Estomo, watching 'The Simpsons'

"See me."
-the e-mail that you don't want to get from a course director (yes, I got it)

"Probably just needs a little slapping."
-CDT Estomo, referring to Ray's broken printer

"If I get at least a good grade I'll pass."
-CDT Perez, a modern genius

CPT Sheetz: "I noticed that some of us attempted WebAssign, some did alright, some of us -"
CDT Perez: "-...failed successfully."

"Somebody's going to be a carcass tomorrow."
-CDT Estomo, after I put an eraser in his ear

"Um, character is important."
-CDT Estomo, in a German TV News Promo

"The only time you'll know I'm not kidding is when you wake up."
-CDT Estomo, apparently threatening me

"Probably because you're overweight."
-CDT Estomo, addressing his female plebe

LTC Bishop: "Lots of colonels retire without a pot to pee in.  There just isn't enough money."
CDT Massey: "For a pot??"